Trade in your old Jackery, get a brand new Jackery.

Jackery Trade-in

Trade in your old Jackery, get a brand new Jackery.

With Jackery Trade In, you can get the best value for your current product and apply it towards a new one. Simply click the Start Trade-in button above to submit your application.
Explorer SeriesExplorer Series
Explorer Pro SeriesExplorer Pro Series
Your Product
Estimated Value
Explorer 240
Up to $40
Explorer 290
Up to $50
Explorer 300
Up to $65
Explorer 500
Up to $140
Explorer 550
Up to $150
Explorer 880
Up to $220
Explorer 1000
Up to $330
Explorer 1500
Up to $430
Get $40-$430 when you trade in an Explorer Portable Power Station.
Jackery Explorer Trade In
In Just Four Easy Steps
Regardless of whether you purchased from Amazon, our official website, or from a third party retailer, you’ll still be eligible for a trade in by following the instructions below. From getting an estimate to returning your product, we’ll help every step of the way.
Fill in Table
Fill in Table
Fill in the questionnaire online and we’ll give you a quote for what your current device is worth.
We’ll then send you an email with a shipping label confirmation that you can use to return the product with.
The Jackery team will start the product valuation and then send you a final quote.
Get your Gift Card
Get your Gift Card
We will send the Jackery Gift Card to your email, which you can use to purchase any Jackery products at any time.
There’s every reason to trade in with Jackery.
Including one very big 🌏ne.


With just 4 steps, you can trade your old product to a new one.

Best Value

Get the most out of the product you trade in and get a valuable Jackery gift card.
Best Value

Good For you. Good For The Planet

We'll assist in getting your device to a new owner if it's in good condition. utilizing less while doing more. In our goods, we're using more recycled material than ever before.
Good For you. Good For The Planet

Upgrade With Instant Savings

When you want to upgrade your product, you can use the trade-in gift card to get a better price.
Upgrade With Instant Savings
Jackery Trade In Program
1. Jackery Trade-In Program is valid from 2023/10/16.
2. The eligible products for trade-in are listed in the Assessment Form.
3. You can trade in your Jackery product(s) on by filling out the Trade-In Assessment Form. Each Assessment Form supports only one product for trade-in. To trade in multiple Jackery products, please fill out separate Assessment Forms.
4. Once you submit your Assessment Form, please allow 14 working days to receive an email with the assessed value of your trade-in. We will estimate your trade-in value based on the product model, manufacturing date, and your description of the product condition. The final trade-in value may differ if the product condition doesn't match your description.
5. You can track the progress of your trade-in by logging into your Jackery account and going to 'My Trade-In.'
6. You have the option to reject the estimated trade-in value and cancel your trade-in. Upon confirmation, we'll email you a prepaid return label.
7. After shipping your products, the trade-in cannot be canceled.
8. Once we receive and verify your trade-in's condition, you'll receive the estimated trade-in value as a Jackery gift card within 3 working days.
9. Use your Jackery gift card on with no minimum purchase requirement. The gift card is not redeemable for cash and can't be used for refunds or price adjustments on orders already placed.
10. If you disagree with the final trade-in value, provide a prepaid return label within 5 days for the return of your product(s). We reserve the right to discard your product, withdraw the offer, or not issue a gift card without your cooperation.
11. Your submitted personal information will be governed by our Privacy Policy . Submission of the Assessment Form signifies agreement to our service and privacy policy.
12. Jackery reserves the final interpretation rights of this program.